Provo Canyon Outfitters
3362 East Provo Canyon Road | Provo, UT 84604 | 801.225.5346

Frequently asked questions

For the 2019 Season we are partnering with High Country Adventure.
Contact them at 801.224.2500 or click the Book Now button below to make a reservation.

Do you have restrooms, changing rooms or lockers?

We have chemical restrooms, but no changing rooms or lockers.

Do you have a lifeguard on duty?


What should I wear?

Clothing and footwear that can get wet, like sturdy river sandals or water shoes. Flip flops are easily lost and not recommended. Some people prefer to wear a long- sleeved shirt as your arms may rub the tube as you navigate the river.

Anything else recommended for a better experience?

It's a good idea to have a 3-4ft long stick or paddle with you to help you stay out of the bushes on the side of the river.

Are children allowed on the river?

We are very concerned about kids on the river so we have the following guidelines:

  • Children under 6 are too young to float the river.
  • Children 6-8 must be in a raft with adult supervision.
  • Children 9-12 may be in a tube with adult supervision.
  • Ages 12 and older have no restrictions.

Adults and children of any age should be able to swim to shore from the middle of the river.

How often do your shuttles run?

Our shuttle buses run anytime there are 2 or more people waiting so the wait time is usually just a few minutes after you have checked-in and have your lifevest.

Are group discounts available?

Groups of ten or more receive a 10% discount Monday - Thursday. Sorry, no discounts available Friday - Sunday and Holidays.

Should I make a reservation?

Walk-ins are always welcome, but we recommend that groups of twenty or more make a reservation at least one day in advance to ensure timely service. Please email us at